Support Group

You’re not alone.

Holy crap, there’s a lot of us. Meet your new internet-friends. You’ll like them. Think you’d fit in? Drop me a line, I’ll add your site to the list.

  • Versatile PhD.
    Forums! Real people! Being helpful and inspirational and nice!
  • The Professor is In
    Ex-academic and current career consultant  Karen L. Kelsky, Ph.D. serves up the most refreshing pragmatism you’ve had in years.
  • Sell Out Your Soul
    “A few years ago, I left academia, struggled a bit, and now I am happy with a new career. This blog will show you how I did this, and help you find meaning and success after grad school.
  • 100 Reasons
    …not to go to graduate school. ‘Nuff said.
  • Worst Prof Ever
    “The hijinks of a former professor attempting to navigate the exciting (and confusing) world of business and technology with the most powerful form of communication there is: humor.”
  • Escape The Ivory Tower
    “Because I had the experience of being in and then leaving academia, I’m passionate about helping people negotiate that transition with support, with hope, and even with grace”
  • mama nervosa
    “Two overeducated, feminist Moms who talk about Big Things (life; identity; raising empowered daughters) and Little Things (books, pop culture, quotidian joys) in voices that are real and unvarnished.”
  • Alternative PhD
    “If you are a graduate student considering nontraditional career paths either within or outside of academia, you are among friends.”
  • Postacademic
    “We’re aiming to help people – starting with ourselves – figure out how to use and adapt skills to do things for which they might not have been initially intended.”
  • Another Academic Bites the Dust
    “I’m at the finishing stages of  a Ph.D. in English. I have only vague fantasies about what I will do instead, and part of this will be about sharing the process of turning those into something more concrete.”
  • From Grad School to Happiness
    “After a few years of growing dissatisfaction with grad school, I have happily decided to make the move I’ve wanted to make for a long time … I’m leaving academia.”
  • Academic Cog.
    “Every morning, when she remembers, Sisyphus pushes a giant dissertation chapter up a hill. At the end of the day it rolls back down and she has to start over.”
  • Unemployed PhD for hire
    “a former (?) academic who is wondering what next to do in my life.”
  •  On The Fence
    “I’ve accepted a tenure-track position and put all thoughts of alternate careers aside–for now. But I’m sill not convinced this is a happily ever story or that I’ve achieved the dream or whatever.”
  • A Post Academic in NYC
    “Finished my PhD in English in 2010. Now I’m trying to get a life, post-academic style.”

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